About Us


Hande Industries is a subsidiary of Hande corporation,Focus on the development and production of air tanks,We have been producing compressed air tank in steel and aluminium for use in compressed air brake and air suspension systems for many years. Without exception, all of our tanks comply with EN 286-2 (Pressure vessels for compressed air braking and auxiliary systems for motor vehicles and their trailers) and SAE J10 (Automotive and Off-Highway Air Brake Reservoir Performance and Identification Requirements). Inside and outside, they are given a high-quality anti-corrosion coating to ensure optimum quality and safety during use. Of course, besides the appropriate compressed air tanks, we can also supply accessories such as mounting brackets and valves to suit vehicles.Most of our products are supplied to vehicle manufacturers such as trucks, trailers, buses, tractors and the aftermarket. We have a sound quality management system and a professional technical team to serve our customers. Our air tank exports are all over the world, and meeting our customers' needs is our unremitting goal.We hope to cooperate with more customers and bring our products to every corner of the world.We look forward to cooperating with you!

Our Air Tank Advantages

• Complete line of Air Tank Solutions
We supply air tanks in steel and aluminium with 1 to 120 litres capacity.

• Steel Air Tank
Lightweight design - save customers fuel costs , thereby improving profitability.And long life.
• Aluminium Air Tank
Lighter weight - weights only half of the same capacity steel air tank. without surface treatment.save more fuel costs , longer life.

​​​​​​Air brake is ​more reliable - No rust and iron particles and provide cleaner air in the pneumatic circuit.

• Customised Solutions
Our made-to-specification parts create added value.

• Quality And Safety Solutions

Air tanks meet EU. standard EN 286-2 and CE approved , U.S standard SAE J10 and FMVSS 121 approved for use in heavy duty air brake systems.

Every tank is pressure tested for leak resistance.structural integrity and safety.

• Durability
Inside and outside, steel air tanks are powder coating with the highest-quality anticorrosion protection available. salt spray resistance exceeding 500 hours.
• Parts - Intelligent Automation
Ready for assembly components deliver cost-effectiveness by reducing assembly time in the production lines our customers.
• Market Leader
We lead the china market in the development and production of air tanks for truck, buses and trailers......

Technical & Quality

We have a professional team engaged in air tank design and development, We can design according to customer requirements or the design of the customer to provide satisfactory products. We have a wealth of experience in the air tank , we have the advanced manufacturing processes and test methods .

Research and innovation
Hande, as a leading air tank supplier has made innovations in technology and it is constantly concerned with the application of new technologies.
we work together through co-engineering projects with our customers and suppliers in order to optimize our products.


Quality control
production with ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality management system based on . our organization to maintain all our operations in a condition to be able to offer a total quality and service stability.  Continuously improve our product quality to meet higher customer requirements. 


Machinery manufacturing is by its nature a hazardous profession.Avoid and prevent potential unsafe factors.

we attentive to the environmental impact of its industrial processes and productions.